We provide all categories of Ratings / Officers for all kinds of ships.

Our agency based in Dhaka Bangladesh. We are engaged to facilitate ship manning of Bangladeshi seafarers on board of foreign vessels. Establish to fulfill the current progressive demands of shipping industry we have maintained strong online base data of seafarers with highly qualified marine personnel duly certified to work on board any kind of vessel. Therefore one of the primary objectives of our company is to give a very personalized service. New text

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Bangladeshi seafarers are relatively high standards of proficiency, hard working and able to understand English language up to the required standards. They are well behaved, obedient, trustworthy, non alcoholic and posses a high moral courage. They are content with reasonable wages. Learn more

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As the company grows and maintains pace with changes in our sector we need to attract, recruit, and retain the very best people. We are always on the lookout for experienced candidates for Deck, Engine Room, Engineering, and Health and Safety positions. Learn more


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  • We ensure, selecting genuine certified seafarers
  • We examined and prepare all kinds of required documents
  • We make sure, providing world standard competent seafarers for different kinds of vessel.
  • We prepare seafarers to deal with multi cultural environment onboard ship
  • We are committed joining seafarers on time the vessel
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